It’s just a couple of weeks before we head off and things are getting towards the point end!

We almost have all our visas sorted. Almost. Seriously, don’t know how Jason Bourne did it but he must have the patience of a saint. As with anything good in life, it’s worth waiting for…these countries better be AMAZING!!

As for the car?  Well OBH is looking the business. We have added a roof rack (ex-Range Rover that has been cut in half and then half again and cost more in petrol than it did to buy!), tyres that would make a John Deer tractor envious, a night driving light set that can see so far we can give you next week’s lotto numbers and….a glove box full of hope and optimism…and few prayers.  We have packed more St Christopher Medals than a bus full of Popes on a road trip to Lourdes….

Yesterday the guys at Fast Signs did the decals (designed by the brilliant Mark Harrison of Huge Design) and WOW, it’s absolutely awesome, better than we imagined even! Thank you so much everyone!

Finally, we now have the most important component of the car. AIR CON!! Seriously, if the brilliant guys at Collins Motors handn’t managed to get the air con fixed we were going to up hit Lynx up for a MAJOR sponsorship deal! Three lads, foreign beers, exotic diet and limited hygiene facilities. The Geneva Convention may have to step in here!

As it stands, 66% (2)of the Mongrels will drive from London and get the underwater train to Calais while the final third (1) will fly with the plan to meet them in Luxembourg. Plane, Trains, and Automobiles…but this may change.

Please check out our charities and give generously. We have had pledges of nearly £13,000 to help the fight for cancer and every donation counts. We are now asking for the pledges to be converted in to payments via the website built by another awesome company: WebFX

Now we’re off to figure out how to get 3 x large guys, 2 x 20 litre Jerry Cans, 2 x spare wheels, 2 x 25 litre water drums, tents, tools and supplies in a car designed for no more than the weekly shop!

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