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From the Kennels of the Mongol Mongrels

It’s just a couple of weeks before we head off and things are getting towards the point end! We almost have all our visas sorted. Almost. Seriously, don’t know how Jason Bourne did it but he must have the patience of a saint. As with anything good in life, it’s worth waiting for…these countries better […]


Visas? Where we’re going, we don’t need visas!! Huh? What? Oh…hang on. We do! Lots of the bleeding things! So the visa process has  begun. Bureaucracy at its finest but the folk at the Visa Machine are hard at work getting it sorted. Would this be a bad time to mention… Just kidding.


We have a route

We have a route. OK….Hew Google Mapped a whole lot of places we never heard of and joined them together. We then counted the places,  multiplied it by the miles and divided that by the days.  A little bit of wee came out followed by hysterical giggles and multiple colourful expletives.  …a few more expletives….then enthusiastic […]