The Mongol Mongrels

Three Blokes in a Panda

When Hew Stevenson starts a sentence with “I had a thought…”

It usually ends with us grabbing our passports, a Google Maps search, a budget airline and begging forgiveness and/or a leave pass from our wives. And not always in that order!

This time, he had a rather bigger thought than usual!

So…after a year in planning….it is on like Genghis Khan!


Donated so far

Good luck guys! Hope you have an epic adventure. Please look after Hew 😀

Sam LiuWebFX

Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear Was this really the best thing you could come up with.

Frasers Timber Merchants Ltd

Three great causes – three great guys! Best of luck all of you!

MartinSwift Foundations

Obviously a vested interest in this mad cap scheme! Trip of a lifetime no doubt but in answer to all those who’ve asked what could/might go wrong, the answer is anything and everything! Great cause, hope this spurs a flood of donations! Thank you everyone in advance.

HewShoots and Leaves

I hope you’ve invested in some staunch suspension I can’t speak for the other guys but I know Hew isn’t exactly trim!

Julian RittnerTailored Landscapes

Good luck guys! I’ll double the donation if the car gets past Folkestone!

Ryan Love

Awesome guys, have a great trip and don’t forget to come back, need Hew in September 🙂
ciao for now,

Stefano Marinaz

What an amazing adventure and look forward to hearing all about it on your return

Robert, Ali, Alice, Freddie & Henry Gould£20

All for such a great cause! Good Luck from All @ Reston Waste.

Andrew RestonReston Waste £250

Enjoy and be safe…

Viral PatelCustodia Planning £250

Wishing you the best of luck from everyone at Hedges Direct

The TeamHedges Direct £250

Make sure you have a full beard before the Iran border

Ian McCarrollTool Chest Hire £250

Mirror – Signal – Maneuver! Stay safe, “Shoot & Leave already !

Ryan DawesDawes Paints £300

Good luck. Great presentation to BNI troops.

Alex StanierIT4Business £20

Good luck Hew.

Vishal SanghviSBL Accountants £125

Good luck guys. I gonna make it.

Daniel Wojcik£250
Boryana NikolovaDental 92 £150

Best of luck on your amazing journey! Try and come back in one piece!

Diana WilsonPhysio on the River £30

Good luck from us all!!

Chris & Kat Reeves£250

Remember: if it doesn’t break down, you won’t have much to share at the pub once you’re back!

Francesca Dal CorsoSuperbrain £250.00

Good luck, gents – I look forward to reading regular blogs from the road!

Martin BoothLeBoo Media £10

Good luck mate.

Tyrone EganTNE Electrical £250

Wishing you the best of luck from everyone @ JTPumps 🙂

John TollJT Pumps £250

Nice knowing you Hew, enjoy your organs before you have to sell them to a Mongolian warlord…..if you make it that far.

Geoff GreenGreen Structural Engineering £250

Enjoy your trip!!

Sue AmossMoss Space £10

If your car goes as well as my garden grows, you’ll be just fine.

Maddy Carragher£50

Hew has obviously been planning this epic car adventure as he’s had his spare tyre for a couple of years! Lol Have a amazing trip, raise lots of money and all come back safely.

Chris Dredge£100

Good Luck with your amazing trip and fundraising my words of wisdom is “keep the sunny side up and the greasy side down” All the best from Ian and the Aquajoy team.

Ian OwenAquajoy £250

Good luck guys!

Jerry ShawRay Munn Kitchens

good luck guys you going to need it spending that time with MR HEW STEVENSON LOL all the best from the ferg & amanda and the FOS TEAM

Ferg & AmandaFOS Electrical £250

Good Luck Mongrels, what could possibly go wrong. All the best ideas start with I have a plan. From all at Graffix Digital

Michael BoyleGraffix Digital £250

A mammoth task, good luck guys

Spencer LawrenceParamount Properties £250

GOOD LUCK from Harrington Design & Build !! – Go The Mongol Rally

Frank HarringtonHarrington Design & Build £250

Good luck and all the best from the First Elite team

Steven LloydFirst Elite £250

Good luck Tony & co. You are all absolute nutters, but also absolute legends! Would deffo 100x be a better watch than the new top gear !

Andrew McLaughlin£20

Just a small donation to smooth your passage through Iran, considering the leg and leaf motifs on the car. Good luck lads.

Kevin Bridge£20

Good Luck

John Kennedy£50

Are you still on the right side of the road? Onwards and upwards…all the very best from the team here at Horton and Garton…

John HortonHorton and Garton £250

Wishing you the best of luck from everyone @ JTPumps 🙂

John TollJT Pumps £300

Glad to find that my godson hasn’t turned into a boring old married man but continues to live life to the full – sounds a tad uncomfortable to me but lots of luck to you all.

Hilary Ritchie£50

Dont die. Or if you do we’re keeping your bike.

John & Marion Goodall£50

Point in the right direction!

James GillJG Wealth £250

Best of luck!

Simon ButlerJewson Hammersmith £250

Good Luck Grant. Try to behave! See you in Portugal

Clare and Gordon£20

Good luck Gents

Tony QuarshieATT £250
Ian GardinerGardiner Homes £250

What an amazing trip – it’ll be eventful and memorable! Good choice of charities. All the best, Nigel.

Nigel Astbury£50

Good luck fellas, I’ve heard Iran is lovely this time of year…

Robert Bridge£50

Great cause & adventure! Good luck from all at LRBM

Sophie Wilbraham

Well done lads. I travelled overland from St Petersburg on the trans Mongolian railway in the 90s, so loved reading about your adventures where I once stomped.

Sam Micich

Living the dream! Well done to all of you – what an amazing adventure!

Catherine Hudson

Loving following your trip , amazing adventure ????????????????

Suzanne and Will Willmott

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We don’t do Spam, we eat it! We’ll only provide you with news along on our trip.

Did we mention deserts, mountain ranges, gas craters, border guards, no roads…and camels?

We will be raising money for a worthy charity or two while collecting tales to bore you senseless upon our return.

So Eastward into the rising sun….or the Mother of all pot holes!

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